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Content to power your sales team

March 22 2017

Content is the fuel for any sales team looking to master the art of social selling. Social selling teams need lots of content to nudge and nurture their prospects over time.

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But sales people are good at selling. They didn’t sign up to sales to make content. So they need help. Creating content plans for sales enablement requires close co-operation between sales and marketing teams.  

Here are some tips on how the two teams can work together to produce better content.

Blog topic brainstorming
Leverage your sales team’s experience in working with clients to develop blog topics that address frequent customer issues and requests. Not only would this lead to more effective marketing materials, it would also enable the marketing team to better understand your client base and their pain points going forward.

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White Papers that work
White Papers or ebooks, or other very long form content, require expert knowledge of the subject matter. This is likely to be a team effort between sales, marketing and the product team. Get everyone in a room to make sure the themes and titles meet the needs of the customer, rather than some intellectual exercise in showing how knowledgeable your business is.

Make sure everyone gets the script
Develop a flexible sales script that enables sales people to hit all the key points of the product or service during a sales call. Handled properly, the script enables the salesperson to have access to the information they need without having them memorise lines.  This should then be made available to marketing, customer care and other frontline staff so they can feed into it. Make sure everyone knows who the target prospect is, the cost, and how it helps.

Know the competition
By understanding what the competition is doing, it is easy to adjust both marketing and sales content. Members of both teams should research the competing company and their content, collateral and messaging to help refine their own content strategy. This should be done formally quarterly but with sales teams tuned into social media, they might spot opportunities more frequently.

New technology

Feeding the sales team with regular content can be a logistical challenge, and that’s not even addressing issues around measurement. There are new tools out there such as Post Beyond which is an employee content collaboration tool. This will help marketing teams to deploy content, helping sales to sell more efficiently by offering relevant content that’s accessible at any time.

 Finding your next thought leader

While many sales professionals don’t have the time or the inclination to create long-form content, some of them will. This is where the marketing team can support individual experts to make content. The LinkedIn article feature is the place where the salesperson can show their knowledge. Often experienced sales team members have deep product knowledge and have exposure to the issues and trends in the market-place – all of which make great content.

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